21st July | Arnolfini

Singer-songwriter Lucy Rose launched onto the music scene in 2012 with her debut album Like I Used To and has since formed a loyal fan base with her folk-indie sound combined with her captivating stage presence. It’s no that surprise so many have fallen in love with her.

Recently, Rose embarked on a tour around Latin America and documented her travels along the way to create a twenty minute film exploring the impact that strangers can have on your life, whilst telling the poetic story of her experience. The film is to accompany her new album Something’s Changing which she is now presenting to her fans on her Cinema Tour. The Surrey Born artist makes a pit stop at Bristol’s Arnolfini to showcase the film and to play tracks from the new album.

This isn’t the first time Rose has shown off her creative personality with visuals. Back in 2015 she created an interactive music video for ‘Till the End’ which featured six different screens of her playing six different instruments and users were able to click on which screen they wanted to match the song with.    

The evening is sure to be a unique one with the screening and the showcase of new material, an intimate gathering filled with Lucy Rose’s charm.

Check out the documentary trailer for Something’s Changing below.