10th December | Bristol Library

What a strange place to hold a gig I thought to myself as I entered a building renowned for its silence. Walking through Bristol Library by night, absent of its usual crowd, an exciting buzz hung in the air for if there’s anything we humans like to indulge in, breaking the rules is one of them.

On Saturday night, as the rain persevered outside, fans of Lucy Rose enjoyed an intimate, one of a kind show in the decadent heart of Bristol Central Library. Positioned in the middle of the room and dimly lit with just a few lamps, the homely stage was everything its surrounding wasn’t. On either side of it stood huge shelves of old fashioned leather-bound books which breathed a familiar and comforting mustiness into the air that hit with a welcoming sense of nostalgia.

With two studio albums and now a live album under her belt, Lucy Rose performed a beautifully fervent set, showing a much softer, vulnerable side to this heartfelt songstress. Playing alongside Lucy was fellow bandmate Alex Eichenberger (also known as Swampmother) who spent the evening switching between piano, cello and supplying polished harmonies to faultless effect, whilst the deep rich hum of her cello reverberated through the room in perfect symbiosis with Lucy’s unwavering vocals.

Highlights of the night included the incredibly poignant ‘Our Eyes’ and ‘Nebraska’, both sung with such clarity and heart that their sound carried to fill the vast room, an encouraging moment from two young female artists.

The backdrop of old fashioned book cases, softly lit lamps and the odd plant or two was as close as you could get to having Lucy Rose in your living room without having her play in your living room. Between songs she thanked the audience for coming and apologised to the partners who had been dragged along, modest as ever and completely unaware of her raw, unblemished talent.

As the gig drew to a close, Rose asked the crowd if they’d be terribly devastated if she didn’t play ‘Bikes’ to which a loud, deep voice replied, Yes! It was confirmed, it would be no Lucy Rose gig without the much loved and sought after song and what a song to end on, lifting the room and giving everyone an injection of hopeful energy to face the cold outside world with.

Check out the live video for ‘Shiver’ below.