Lyla Foy | Preview


Don’t let her angelic voice fool you: Foy (formerly WALL) isn’t the kind to let you leave her show without a head full of truths to take away and pick over. Throwaway remarks and subtle gestures from Foy’s mouth weave into lyrics that serve as tickling reminders of places we’ve all been and left behind.

Accompanied by a subtle and unexpectedly electronic blur of lo-fi strings and keyboard, her music is perfect to hand yourself over to for an evening. In her hands you’re dreamy and vulnerable, but in the best of company, as when she says she’d rather be in a cell on her own in her lovely ‘Shoestring’- it’s just tough, as we’re all transported there with her.

Supported by Alessi’s Ark, it’s promising to be a night of stop-you-in-your-tracks vocals and musical ingenuity you’ll carry on you all the way home and a long while after that.

Watch the video for ‘Shoestring’ right here: