11th January | Crofters Rights

Featured Image: Sophie Barloc

The world’s on fire, literally and figuratively. As humanity awaits WWIII, some may see fit to meet their impending doom repenting their sins or dusting off their nuclear bunker. For those who want to go out in one last glorious, hedonistic bang, you’d do worse than to congregate at Crofters Rights this Saturday in the welcoming arms of The Church of Lynks Afrikka.

Born from a disdain of stagnant, clubland homogeneity and humourless ‘too cool to have fun’ pretension, producer Elliot Brett first unleashed his drag-grenade alter-ego onto an unsuspecting Bristol, armed with hellish electro-donk beats, outrageous clobber and satire so razor-sharp you could hurt yourself. Converting London with bangers ‘On Trend’ and ‘I Don’t Know What I Want’ in addition to a reputation for live sets feeling less like a gig and more a wild party, don’t be surprised when this new queer religion reaches greater ecclesiastical heights.

With the help of indie post-punkers Social Contract and Football F.C. warming up the Lynks Afrikka explosion, Bristol’s The Bottle have sorted a supremely brilliant and decadent final sanctuary from the mushroom clouds outside. Don’t miss!

See the video for ‘Str8 Acting’ here: