MØ | Live Review & Photoset

7th April | O2 Academy

Photos: Charlotte Christine

On Saturday night, we welcomed Danish singer, songwriter and electro-pop producer, Karen Marie Aagaard Ørsted Andersen (aka ), to the South West and to the O2 Academy. She was ending her UK tour in this creative and wonderful city, at a venue that has staged many iconic bands before her. Combining indie, electro and pop, she created a euphoric and electrifying sound. In performance, she sealed the bridge between artist and the audience. Interacting with the audience at all times, she used every inch of the stage as her platform and the pit as her instant connection to the crowd.

The support, fellow Scandinavian Skott, has accompanied MØ throughout her current UK tour. bringing a vibrancy that is unforgettable and captivating. Her high-energy movement has a similar style and impact to that of MØ, representing and interpreting their musical styles through their bodies.

The O2 Academy is a spacious venue, but it creates an intimate and engaging atmosphere, which MØ seized upon throughout the night. As she approached the audience, we realised that she was wearing a tour t-shirt from her support act’s merchandise, that she had modified into a cropped top. Her symbolic recognition of Skott’s input throughout the tour was a selfless touch.

She kick-started her performance with pieces from her debut album, released in 2014, much to the crowd’s excitement. Songs such as ‘Slow Love’ and ‘Waste of Time,’ built gradually up towards bigger hits, such as ‘Nights With You’ and ‘Kamikaze,’ which drew a huge reaction. Her energy never faltered; 100 percent of the time, she gave everything, physically and emotionally. You could see that she connected with her music on every level, and how she enjoyed every moment of performing.

Her vocals resounded throughout the venue, an upbeat, uplifting sound that got the crowd moving on a Saturday night. She performed some of her new material, such as ‘When I Was Young,’ ‘Dust is Gone’ and ‘Nostalgia.’ As quickly as she had the crowd dancing, she slowed down the evening by incorporating an acoustic version of ‘Cold Water,’ that she originally performed with Major Lazer and Justin Bieber. Standing centre stage, she said, “I think you guys will know this one. Would you join in with me?” and produced a slowed-down rendition of the song. The audience repeated every word.

As the night was coming to an end, she followed ‘Cold Water’ up with songs such as ‘Runaway’ and ‘Don’t Leave,’ before (thematically) leaving the stage. This was not before asking the audience if they wanted to hear one more song, however. They said “Yes!” As she returned, she topped the night off (thematically) with her number one hit, ‘Final Song.’ She put her faith in the audience that they would catch her, as she crowdsurfed her way to the end of the song. MØ gave a performance that no one would forget, with a sound that was even better live than on record.