Machine Gun Kelly // Photoset

28th August | SWX

Gnarly lighting and smoke. Light stacks, bigger than your patio window. Flashing strobes and light bursts. Machine Gun Kelly took full advantage of how crowd-friendly SWX is as venue in its layout. Almost anywhere in the house makes for a good view point for the stage. He put on a pleasing visual show, alongside the rhythmical demonstration we were expecting.

The place was packed. The atmosphere was joyful. At 9pm, his backing band walked onto the high-rise stage. MGK then stepped onto the top riser, to hails and cheers. Singular rap artists can often feel like they monopolise the limelight, but the Machine Gun Kelly live experience had a definite band feel, just with MKG at the helm, leading you through his hits.

See the video for ‘Blue Skies’ here: