24th March | Hy-Brasil

Fiery individuality, gritty rock n roll and all-encompassing harmonies all come to embody the unwavering spirit of South East London’s Madonnatron. Their music is eerie, alluring and frankly damn good fun, all in equal measures, and that’s just on record. Their capacity to turn it all up to another level when playing live harnesses the exuberance that flows through their music, providing something tenacious and unquestionably catchy.

Following the release of their first self-titled full-length last September, the group are heading out for a screeching ride around the UK, reaching the mid-way point when they get to Hy-Brasil this Saturday for their Gravy Train show. Famously the band are refreshingly rough-around-the-edges live, thankfully retaining a sense of abjection towards anything artificial and cultivated. They sound all the more powerful for it.

If any evidence were needed of Madonnatron’s penchant for relentless rawness, new single ‘Mermaids’ offers it in spades. Rolling amongst a seedy, singular riff, the whole band howl, coo and yowl as they paint the narrative of a sordid, romantically nostalgic tale with understated commentary on contemporary living. It’s piercingly sharp and deceitfully captivating, and on Saturday you can find this out for yourself when you hear it in its most concentrated form.

Watch the video for ‘Cat Lady’ here: