Madonnatron // Photoset

20th June | Crofters Rights

Whatever a Madonnatron¬†might look like in a sci-fi film, I would hope that it would be towering, intimidating and strangely compelling. Whether it would look like the mother of Christ or a woman in a cone bra (but definitely not a hybrid of the two), I’m not sure. Curiosity, confusion and ass-kicking cuts are certainly what you can expect from this formidable four-piece.

You can’t judge a band by the name of their label, but the fact that they are on Trashmouth Records seems too prescient to overlook. And as any fool knows, foul language is actually big and clever (unless you’re up in court or having tea for the first time with your new partner’s parents). Duncan Cruickshank got the full audio-visual blast of Madonnatron at Crofters Rights recently.

See the video for ‘Sucker Punch’ here: