Major Parkinson | Photoset

27th September | Exchange

“Ground control to Major Parkinson…” We had to ensure that we’d taken our protein pills and put our helmets on prior to the aural assault that puts the ‘No way’ into Norway, of Major Parkinson, at Exchange. It’s no surprise that they have such a loyal following in the UK and even less surprising on the evidence of this show that a large number of those fans travel out to Norway to see them on a regular basis.

Every gig is technically a performance, but Major Parkinson really put on a show. It’s absurd; it’s grandiose. This seven-piece band comes across like a well-drilled regiment, yet a free and easy groove machine. They entertained the assembled faithful at Exchange with many top tracks from 2017’s acclaimed album, Blackbox. Ash Holdsworth enjoyed their splendid oddity.