25th November | The Louisiana

If you were going to associate Laura Kidd with anything, it would surely not be ‘war’. But her music? Well that’s a different story, and boy can She Makes War tell a story. Honing on heartbreak, blazing with confidence, and totally wrapped up in a tight blanket of hard human emotion.

‘Ghostsandshadows’ is a torrid tale of bad memories catching up to us in the present, a highlight of her solo set, bringing us the stunners she hasn’t played in awhile such as ‘Like Liars’ and ‘Olympian’.  During ‘Delete’ she repeatedly states “I’d like to delete myself” while walking through the room with a megaphone. Yet there’s nothing more pure than Kidd and her guitar – and the “magic tea” she’s been drinking all week. “It’s not that kind of magic tea, things aren’t going to all psychedelic” she reassured us.

In the middle, support act Luckless brings the lungs of Chrissie Hynde to the stage with her husky tones on ‘The Trouble With You’ and ‘This Is Distortion’. With Kidd resuming the show in a later set with the band, a more aggressively loud sound was offered with the marvellous brazen ‘In Cold Blood’. It’s during ‘In This Boat’ her vocal carries the same air of British gravitas heard in the voice of former Pipettes member, Rose Elinor Dougall.

New song ‘Weary Bird’ made a dramatic debut with lyrics “you’ll never know I was there” repeatedly until Kidd finally says “funeral.” dropping more than a few mouths open.

The supposed finale begins with “Wasn’t it that what you said, wasn’t that what you wanted to say”; a raw whisper in ‘Scared To Capsize’ an apparent dig at someone too scared to show their true emotion for fear of getting hurt. She isn’t afraid of encouraging a good old singalong as well, the crowd utter “doo doo doo doo doo”, and the words to ‘In This Boat’.

This is what makes her so relatable, these songs aren’t empty vessels gunning for the Top 40, each one is special in its own personal way. And that’s only clear from how Kidd harmonises her pain and joy, through her flawless vocals and joyously driven approach to music.

After the finale, she swings sideways back to the microphone saying “we’ve got time for one more right?” and gives an encore of ‘Slow Puncture’. The doe-eyed duchess of dreamy doom pop has pulled the night off with masterful decorum; singalongs, humour, magic tea – she makes more.

Check out the video for latest single ‘Stargazing’ below.