Manchester Orchestra | Preview


It’s been three years since Manchester Orchestra stepped into the spotlight with the subdued ‘Simple Math’ and packed Bristol’s 02 Academy to the rafters with fans. Now, on their return in support of new album ‘Cope’ the band look set to rattle the pillars of the Fleece with their powerful brand of emo-infused indie rock.

It may be a smaller venue but with new tracks in their roster such as the colossal ‘Top Notch’ as well as a back catalogue of barn-stormers and heart-warmers, this promises to be a blisteringly intense show. ‘Cope’ is released on 1st April too, meaning there will be 6 whole days to learn all the new words!

Fans unlucky enough to miss Manchester Orchestra on their first pass through Bristol will get a second chance this autumn. The band will be hitting our shores again in September after a mammoth tour across the US, so be sure to catch them at the Anson Rooms when they return later in the year.

Get a taste of their new material with ‘Top Notch’, released ahead of fourth album ‘Cope’.