The Louisiana | 12th November

Margaret Glaspy‘s voice is a revelation. Already impressive on her debut album Emotions and Math, it reaches new heights and new depths, tapping into ever-emotive renditions of songs that were already a little gut-wrenching.

Glaspy performs with two band members but she’s undoubtedly the star of the show, effortlessly concocting bluesy guitar solos and vocal flairs that add so much more to these songs than you could have ever thought possible. She speaks to the crowd but not overbearingly so, letting these tracks speak for themselves and causing the crowd to fall in silent awe on an often rowdy Saturday evening.

‘Situation’ is performed with a gutsy no-fucks-given attitude whilst a rendition of ‘Somebody to Anybody’ is as heartbreaking as it is compelling. Glaspy is able to tap into the emotion of each song, with her candid lyricism performed as if it were the first time she was able to utter these confessions. Eyes closed, she’s noticeably enthralled with the subjects of her songs, captivating the audience through an utterly believable delivery.

She also treats the crowd to a few working-titled songs – which may or may not appear on her second album – which prove that Glaspy is only at the beginning of her musical journey. A cover of Lauryn Hill’s ‘Ex-Factor’ is a stand-out moment; explaining that she and her sister would listen to Hill’s 1998 album when they were little, it’s an affecting rendition that is performed with both a personal affection and a professional flair.

As she finishes her already-generous set of over an hour, the audience are still gagging for more, refusing Glaspy access to leave the stage. She succumbs to the demand, performing another three songs, including a cover of Neil Young’s ‘Harvest Moon’. A set that allowed Glaspy to showcase her influences, her originality is the main take-away here; a performance full of emotional depth and instrumental talent, Glaspy takes here cue from the candid songwriters of the past and wholeheartedly thrusts them into the future.

Emotions and Math is out now on ATO Records. Check out the video for the title track below.