11th August | Rough Trade

Marika Hackman has made great efforts to evade pigeonholing. She released her first album, We Slept At Last, to great critical acclaim in 2015. It was melancholy, ghostly; she had all the ingredients for a career in indie-folk. Being a pal of Laura Marling, it would’ve been easy to categorise her there forever. This was clearly not Marika’s intention – and I’m Not Your Man took her away from those suffocating confines in striking fashion.

Any Human Friend, the upcoming release, has had three incredible singles in her newer, poppier direction. This includes the earworm ‘i’m not where you are’, which also has a lovely acoustic version. The video for her second single ‘the one’ features a tiny, suit-clad Marika (with a venereal disease?) strutting around inside a photocopier – which full-size Marika then destroys. Handy that the photocopy room had a baseball bat lying around in it. Finally, the steadier ‘all night’ describes sexual escapades in overtly explicit detail.

This week she’s blessing us with an in-store appearance at our very own Rough Trade. Entry’s with an album purchase, but I don’t doubt that it’ll be worth the few bob. And you can get it signed too. Fun! If you’re able to sing along perfectly, despite the album release only a couple days prior, you’ll win huge adulation from Marika I’m sure.

See the video for ‘i’m not where you are’ here: