Marmozets | Live Review


A round of jäger bombs made a guest appearance, it was clear that these youngsters were never intending on a quiet Friday night show.

Last year saw a plethora of exciting live rock bands emerge from obscurity, and one lot that certainly turned heads were northern monkeys ‘Marmozets’. And rightly so. Having garnered quite the rep for their action-packed live show following a year of incessant gigging, it’s no wonder their headline show at The Fleece sold out over a month before the date.

Kicking off the night with a… dull drone, were ‘Thought Forms’. An atmospheric effects-heavy three-piece, comprising of a drummer, two guitarists and an abundance of pedals. Not the most fitting of support acts in my opinion, but they seemed to entice the crowd in their own monotonously dreamy way nonetheless. Next up were the slightly more inspiring ‘Steak Number Eight’, who packed a bit more of a punch as they attacked the Fleece with a wall-like sonic assault, hinting at what the venue had in store for the night’s main attraction.

With their reputation preceding them, the headline act sprung into action. Marmozets immediately got the crowd moving and shaking with single ‘Move, Shake, Hide’; an opener packed full of characteristically raucous guitar work right from the off. This trend continued with ‘Is It Horrible’ as Josh MacIntyre’s driving drum intro paved the way for the songs distinctive rattling guitar tones. Swiftly following was album title track, and apt description of the bands sound ‘Weird and Wonderful’. A strong start to the set, which didn’t show signs of letting up any time soon as these wonderful weirdoes continued to power through belters by the bucket load; a couple of personal highlights being ‘Captivate You’ and ‘Born Young and Free’, each showcasing frontwoman Becca’s impressive vocal ability. Both in the studio and on stage she shifts effortlessly from pitch-perfect high notes to an almighty roar that could rival Parkway Drive’s Winston McCall.

As the set went on, and a round of jäger bombs made a guest appearance, it was clear that these youngsters were never intending on a quiet Friday night show (obviously), however, the band seemed to be caught between the want to cause a bit of chaos and some overly vigilant stagehands hell bent on pooping the party. As an onslaught of willing and frenzied fans obliged Becca’s stage invasion invitation with a bit too much gusto, ‘Vibetech’ came to an abrupt halt mid-breakdown until the stage was vacated, putting a slight downer on their attempt to ensue some carnage.

The set ended with as much energy as it started with, going out with ‘Why Do You Hate Me?’ featuring more of the bands signature chaotic yet intricately tight musicianship. Not letting the failed stage invasion dampen their spirits, the loyal revellers carried on causing a ruckus right to the last note as an amused frontwoman proclaimed ‘We probably won’t be playing this venue again then!’ And she was probably right. If they carry on the way they’re going then Marmozets next headline show will be at the O2 Academy.

Check out ‘Why Do You Hate Me?’ right here: