Martha have released the video to their new single ‘Ice Cream and Sunscreen’, one of the new tracks off their upcoming album Blisters In The Pit of My Heart. With the first half of the video shot in black and white, and the second half exploding into colour, the video is sort of like a modern day Wizard of Oz, only without a wicked witch and with more flowers. I mean, pretty much just replace everything in that film with flowers, and that’s what the videos like.

The actual track itself is like that as well; slow and downbeat at the beginning before bursting into life without warning halfway through. The sweetness of the title is inverted; lines like “I watched the skin peel off your sunburnt shoulders” turn everything you love about summer upside down. It’s a full frontal attack on the senses and it’s brilliant.

The album comes out at the end of this week, so make sure you pick yourselves up a copy. You can also read our chat with the band in this month’s Bristol Live Magazine.

Check out ‘Ice Cream and Sunscreen’ below: