26th January | O2 Academy

Mastodon are one of those bands that you can listen to thousands of times over, until the sun falls out of the sky and incinerates the Earth and yet still find tracks that will cling to your soul and lift your spirit. Mastodon first reached commercial success with their first EP, Remission, which was inspired by the element of fire and the process of loss and followed up with their debut album, Leviathan in 2004 which focused on the timeless tale of Moby Dick.

They are no strangers to abstract storyboards for their albums and, as a result, have created a diverse mythical universe with the intricate epic melodies to match. It’s not often a band revolutionises a genre and for metal, Mastodon have reinvented the proverbial wheel. Remission was awarded Album of the Year 2004 by Kerrang and was praised for its unique and refreshing sound.

Most recently, Mastodon released the Cold Dark Place EP, a follow up to their main release, Emperor of Sand in March 2017. Cold Dark Place was a deep psychological narrative formulated by Brent Hinds (lead guitar) but featured the dulcet tones of Brann Dailor (drums) and Troy Sanders (vocals/guitar) which added emphasised the group’s daunting sound.

Mastodon are pioneers in their field and have been cited as the inspiration for many new bands seeking to bridge the same waters between complex prog whilst still remaining accessible, appealing to the heavy metal puritans while also catching the wave of new age alternative rock fans in search of a denser tone. Mastodon is a band that doesn’t take themselves too seriously, but still at heart are one of the most powerful metal bands to have come out of the early 2000s.

See the video for ‘Clandestiny’ here: