Call The Doctor | Interview

We chat to Rob, Patti, Jordan and Chris of Bristol’s much loved Call The Doctor about Touring, Patrick Swayze, and their first full-length release.

1. You have spent the last few years releasing a number of singles and eps. Has this full album release been a challenge?
C: Sometimes people say a band work toward their debut album their whole life. I am not sure that is actually relevant to this question but the short answer is apart from finding the money/time it’s just a bunch of songs we like playing so it was quite easy.
R: Yeah the biggest challenge for me has been time, it’d be nice to do music full-time but we all have busy lives away from the band. When we do get the chance to practice and write songs together we can be quite prolific and I think if we had more time we’d be knocking out a couple of albums a year.

2. With new bands springing up everyday, the economic climate and the saturation point of underground music, whats the hardest part of being in a band?
P: Keeping the faith man
C: Having sound-checks
R: Persuading promoters to pay you some petrol money for playing out of town gigs!

3. Your releases have so far been a pretty DIY affair, obviously this can be very taxing in terms of time, but do you prefer the freedom this offers you?
J: Yes it’s worth it in the long run, we like to be protective over our material and go about things in our own way, it seems more special when something is completely your own output and I like to think the extra work has paid off. There is also a lot to be learned from the process so ultimately it is a very rewarding experience
P: Yes and no. It’s a nice sense of achievement in a way to know that we’ve done it all ourselves but I wouldn’t complain if we had some help with management as it would be nice to just get on with performing and writing and not have to deal so much with the boring administrative side of things! (Just live the rock star dream basically)
C: Like Patrick Swayze in Point Break we can’t stand a cage!

4. You’ve also done a number of self funded tours, around the UK and Europe, is touring and getting to people live something thats really important to the band?
P: Definitely. I think live performance is what we really thrive on as a band and what keeps it alive to be honest. We enjoy gathering a new fan or two when we travel, it makes it worth it. Also it’s a laugh and gives us a chance to steer away from being too serious all the time.
C: I think at our level touring basically about getting to go to places you wouldn’t normally go to, meeting cool people/bands and having a fun holiday which with any luck might break even, but doing a run of shows together definitely helps work the live stuff in to a bit of a lather.
J: Absolutely. Playing live is THE most important aspect of a band and as a music fan it’s the part that I’ve always found the most exciting, there’s nothing quite like it. Also Bristol has such a strong live scene, there’s always something great going on and there’s a real sense of community at local gigs. It’s also the part of the industry that’s still thriving while the purchasing of music isn’t looking so hot right now

5. Your album is out on the 30th of this month, what have you got planned for the year?
P: Just touring and pushing the hell out of the album plus getting drunk on special brew on the streets with money we stole from a tramp.
R: We’ve got 20-odd shows booked for this summer from festivals to radio sessions and instore performances. We’ll be at the Louisiana for the saturday of Harbourfest and we have a RISE records instore gig on Friday 24th August to promote the release of the single WRECKING BALL which will be out both as a digital download and a limited edition EP.
J: It’s a busy schedule, but not up to the level of TOWNS yet!