Keep Shelly In Athens | Interview

1. So you’re off around Europe in May, which dates are you most looking forward to?

Oh! We’re so excited about our European tour! We actually did a mini-run of the UK last June [FOF: inc. Start The Bus, Bristol where they were billed as Keep Kelly From Athens, but moving on..], so we’re definitely looking forward to get back out there. In fact, for the UK shows we’ll be having a double bass on stage – so that’ll be interesting, for us at least! But it’s certainly also great to visit new places we’ve never been, and to communicate our music to new audiences, so we’re equally excited about that.

2. The new release you’re selling on tour comes as a satisfying delux double CD/Vinyl, is format important to you in terms of getting your ideas across?

Nope, it is not really that important if we’re honest – but we are *definitely* vinyl lovers.

3. This one’s bringing together some of the scattered tasters thus far, with a new remix to boot, when are we getting a full length?

We’re not in a hurry! *Hopefully* early 2013 is when we’ll be able to release a full length record. You see, summer’s always the songwriting period for us. After two solid months on the road touring, I think we’ll be ready to write some more music. Travelling is always inspiring.

4. ‘Our Own Dream’ is well absorbing, what was it like shooting your first vid?

It was a lovely experience! It took us just two days to shoot it, and working with friends is always a good thing! Aside from that, we also have an actress among us [points to Sarah] so that whole ghostly woman idea was interesting to interpret.

5. We’ve heard you guys are something of beginner’s mind / Athens music scene veteran counterparts, how does that affect the way you make music?

Neither of us would consider ourselves to be veterans of any particular scene – we just do what we do and that’s that!

Thanks to Sarah and RPR for that – we wish Keep Shelly sturdy FOF bon voyage and look forward to catching them at Camden Crawl later this year.