We Are Scientists | Interview

California based We Are Scientists first made it with amazing debut album ‘With Love And Squalor’ and have released a tasty number of offerings, they’re currently touring the UK with a new album out in early 2013!

1. So you’re a band, when music journalists ask you predictable questions like ‘who inspires you to make music’, what do you say?

We usually send our water glasses crashing to the floor, storm from the room in a huff, then come slinking back in with a sheepish apology and a heartfelt response to the question.

2. Which of you is the most famous?

In England, Keith is probably the more famous of the two of us. In the middle East, it’s Chris. In China, Keith is well famous owing to a shampoo campaign he was the face of. In South America, Chris is know as “The Great Liberator,” and is super well known. Keith has a friend who works half the year in Antarctica who has told his coworkers about Keith’s shampoo campaign in China, so in Antarctica Keith is probably the guy. Chris grew up in Utah, where he’s probably the single most famous person, with the possible exception of Keith.

3. Being in a band is cool apparently, what’s the coolest part?

Sometimes your agent books a show in Bali or Bógota or Ibiza — that’s when things are at their frostiest cool.

4. Being in a band must be really difficult as well at times, the weeks away from home, and listening to one guitar note on repeat to work out if ok for the album, what’s your least favourite part of being in a band?

The things you mention are near the bottom of the list, for sure. “Travel” is probably the category in which most of the problems live. The constant moving can wear on you, as can being away from family for long stretches, and often, though you go to amazing places, you aren’t able to spend any time actually experiencing anything outside of the green room — that gets frustrating.

5. Seeing as many smaller bands still playing in there home city get constantly screwed over by people, do you have any advice for new bands?

Stop working with crooks! If you find yourself constantly getting screwed over, you’re probably associating with the wrong type of characters. Second piece of advice is: get retweeted by Lady Gaga a lot. If Twitter had existed when we were coming up as a band, getting a Gaga retweet or two would’ve been our focus, for sure.

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They are also playing a host of UK dates in the next few weeks, be there! Live Dates