Thekla | 29th September

When Meilyr Jones released 2013, his debut solo album, earlier this year, he stepped out of the shadow of his old band Race Horses, and began on his path to a star status all of his own. This summer took in a triumphant homecoming main stage performance at Green Man, and on the second night of his UK tour aboard Thekla, the promise and progress of Meilyr Jones are fully evident.

While 2013 is an album that floats between many states already, Jones takes these polars and pushes them even further apart live. ‘Strange/Emotional’ sees him thrash around on the floor, pouring water over his head (“at the O2 Academy, they’d come and clean this up,” he remarks), a superstar with a beaming grin. ‘Rain In Rome’, meanwhile, sees him soft and reflective, apologising with a smile for his little outburst of energy.

In truth, no apologies are needed – tonight’s show is all-encompassing, and thoroughly entertaining for it. Jones receives constant adoration from the crowd throughout, and when he departs after a crushing, anthemic ‘Favourite Artist’, a genuine, foot-stomping, near-boat-sinking encore is demanded, whether or not it was the original plan.

After a drawn-out, epic new unreleased track points at extremely exciting things for the future, Jones and band finish on 2013 closer ‘Be Soft’, doing away with amplifiers and microphones. The intensely intimate finale feels miles away from the thrashing rock’n’roll of ‘Strange/Emotional, only twenty minutes prior, but both states are performed impeccably, and, truly, anything feels within the grasp of Meilyr Jones tonight.

Watch the video for ‘Strange/Emotional’ below. 2013 is out now via Moshi Moshi.