Metronomy // Live Review & Photoset

14th November | O2 Academy

Photos: Jessica Bartolini

Armed with a slick and superb dose of pulsing electronica, disco fever and razor-sharp indie, Joe Mount and Co. certainly know how to please a crowd – a joyous blend of nerdy alternative dance and an effortlessly cool bass swagger.

As a series of luminescent blue strobe lights pierced the smoke-filled stage, Metronomy bounced onstage with a spectacular spring in their step. Decked head-to-toe in white boiler suits, the band positioned themselves in and amongst their abundant set of dazzling synths. Mount then ferociously chugged at his pristine white Stratocaster for new album highlight, ‘Lately’, a song that showcases Metronomy at possibly their most pointed, ominous and rock-edged. The gig then bolted into action. From then on, Bristol was treated to wall-to-wall indie disco thunderbolts.

The band further accelerated through their rockier side with the pulsating synth-laden drive of ‘Wedding Bells’ matching stand-out live track, ‘Corrine’ for a fiery start to proceedings. Metronomy certainly had you sitting up and paying close attention. The youthful and surging crowd were then treated to a smattering of Metronomy’s more well-known material with major singalongs to ‘The Bay’ and ‘Everything Goes My Way’. Mount and Co. were clearly in the mood to please – and please they did.

‘Everything Goes My Way’ saw the glowing lights shine on drummer, Anna Prior, as her poignant and angelic vocal took centre stage – a beautiful moment that only showcased the band’s musical prowess as a whole. While a lot of attention is rightly given to the off-kilter genius mind of Joe Mount, within the live arena, other band members excel. Bassist, Olugbenga Adelekan, perhaps best kept the party spirit going single-handedly with his constant bouncing, glorious swinging hips and infectious energy. From dancing across the stage, to clapping exuberantly and pulling off swaggering bass hooks all night, Adelekan was somewhat a stand-out figure during Metronomy’s gig.

Amongst the band’s synth-heavy brand of indie-rock, an element of electronic dance bubbled neatly beneath the surface, a pulsating backdrop to the band’s darting and energetic performance. ‘Lying Low’ from brand-new album, Metronomy Forever saw the band’s two nerdy synth gurus come together for an instrumental house groove that transported fans into a lucid dream state. It was an atmospheric and pounding electronic soundscape to truly lose yourself in.

Despite leaning rather heavily on their most recent album, Metronomy, and more importantly their fans, showed no signs of slowing down. Each track was performed with a lively and almost infectious spirit, with the band sporting massive beaming smiles across their faces for nearly the entire gig. Metronomy looked like a band at the top of their game and enjoying it too.

The evening was brought to a close with a set of Metronomy’s most loved tracks. ‘The Look’ brought the roof down, as boisterous twenty-somethings chanted along and bounced insensately to a spectacular song tailor-made for these sorts of moments. ‘Love Letters’ followed, a euphoric mix of jangly piano pop and alternative indie. Metronomy more than proved themselves as one of British indie’s best live acts.

See the video for ‘Insecurity’ here: