25th June | Fleece

There are two things that you can confidently say about Metz. The first is that these boys love to tour. They played around 300 shows in support of their self-titled debut album, released in 2012, and have shown little sign of letting up since. The second is that, as you would expect of a band on Seattle’s legendary Sub Pop label, they are LOUD.

This is a band for whom working with legendary noisenik Steve Albini actually made them less loud. That’s how freaking loud they are. Formed in Toronto in 2008, the band’s first two albums have a strong following. “We try to take everything we do and make it redline,” said vocalist Alex Edkins in 2012, and they did it as well as anyone.

It was with their Albini-assisted third album, Strange Peace, though, that the band really took their approach forward. The 2017 record is still full of volume, but brings in extra elements to go alongside it that give considerably more depth. This is an album for all occasions, not just for when you are preparing to smash something up.

Support for this show comes from USA Nails. Despite sharing a name with a nail bar in Norwich (other nail bars are available), USA Nails are a band you need to see if you are of the fast/loud persuasion. Their second album, No Pleasure, is criminally under-recognised, and their recent fourth long-player, Life Cinema, is a corker as well.

Seismologists be aware. Gonna be loud.

See the video to ‘Pure Auto’ here: