We all love gunge don’t we? Not on us obviously, but over other people. Well, get ready to have not only your fill of gunge-related activity, but also your fill of raucous riff-heavy punk. Milo’s Planes have been gearing up for their new EP ‘Insects’ (out on cassette via Gravy Train on 19th December), and in prep have gifted us with their incredible new video. It not only features gunge, but rooftop riffing, no-skateboard-skateboarding and clips of the Howling Owl’s boat birthday party in the summer.

James Hankins, who filmed, edited and directed the vid, told BLM all about it: “I just wanted to go out for the day with no real plans and have a laugh with the band. They seemed up for that, so that was that. It kind of reminded me of being a teenager on a weekend where you’d just bumble round town looking for ways to waste time. I’m a big fan of hanging out in supermarkets and shopping centres so it was nice to have company that day. We also filmed a load of stuff during the Howling Owl Birthday boat party which was a lot of fun. I nearly fell overboard during their set. Joe’s [lead singer] only real request was that he be gunged in old school slime that he bought off ebay. I think it was a decade out of date, much like the video.”

Check out the video below, and RSVP to Milo’s Planes EP release show here, and buy tickets here.