Mineral | Preview


The Texas band Mineral are set to play their first run of UK shows in the new year since their reformation earlier in 2014. It’s a move that will no doubt prove exciting to fans of the cultivated midwestern emo scene, but to others may beg the question, “who are these Mineral guys anyway?”

First attracting attention for the Gloria/Parking Lot 7”, the band solidified a loyal following for a typified brand of loud-soft alt. rock that soars straight from the heart. The band released two albums through their brief duration, 1995’s ‘The Power of Failing’ and 1998’s ‘Endserenading’, which majorly shaped the dynamics of emo’s second-wave and the band’s consequent imitators.

In the short space of a year, recent activity from comparable luminaries Sunny Day Real Estate, Braid and American Football have all regenerated interest in an ailing genre. Mineral’s tour is simply the icing on the cake; whether you’re a new or long-term fan, their date at Bristol’s Exchange (7th) is not one to skip on.

Check out ‘Gloria’ right here: