25th July | SWX

Despite anomalous synthpop origins on 1983’s With Sympathy, Ministry are most commonly recognised today as one of industrial metal’s defining pioneers, having shaped the genre for nearly forty years under the constant direction of founder Al Jourgensen. In particular, 1992’s Psalm 69 – widely considered to be the band’s magnum opus – garnered mainstream attention for the band and helped solidify their reputation.

Their latest, AmeriKKKant, continues in the same vein of this and builds upon Jorgenson’s ever-growing distaste for conservative American politics in the Trump presidential era; a voice that proves rigorously vital and justly opposed to burgeoning racist agendas. In the past, Jourgensen has certainly not been coy for speaking out against the policies and followers of Republican government in the US; a frequent lyrical subject on Ministry records, that was perhaps most brutally rendered for the infamous “Dubya” trilogy (2004–07).

Returning to Bristol on Wednesday to promote the album, Ministry will be joined by co-headliner and BLM favourite Chelsea Wolfe. Defying easy definition, Wolfe’s lyrics combine unique personal observations with otherworldy and occult imagery. Armed with a sound that successfully hybridises elements of gothic rock and heavy metal with electronic and folk music, her music continues to garner ever-wider appeal, whilst simultaneously quashing naysayers.

It’s been a few years since Wolfe’s last Bristol performance, so this is the perfect opportunity for returning and new fans to catch songs from 2017’s Hiss Spun played out live.

See the video for Ministry’s ‘Twilight Zone’ here:

See the video for Chelsea Wolfe’s ‘Spun’ here: