7th October | Rough Trade

Yet another band out of Oceania is receiving much warranted critical attention, and they operate under the banner of Miss June. Originally formed as a full ensemble backing for Auckland-based artist Annabel Liddel, Miss June have existed in their current form since late 2013. Despite their moniker conjuring images of sweetness and sunshine, the band pride themselves on musicality of a much more raucous nature. Their distinct flavour of fuzz, punk and mammoth vocal refrains, has quickly gained attention, both on their home turf and much farther afield.

Despite counting support slots for acts as gargantuan as Foo Fighters amongst their live achievements, Miss June have attained a distinctly DIY ethos that bleeds viciously into their stellar catalogue. The band seem to favour working alongside producers within their friendship groups, rather than the detachment of big label colleagues, which allows their grunge-laden cuts to find life and energy amongst much rawer production techniques.

After two well-received EPs between 2015 and 2016, the latter being a collaboration with fellow New Zealanders, Astro Children, the band burrowed away to create 2019’s powerful and concise Bad Luck Party, released on September 6th. Spanning eleven tracks, the record lands as a cohesive and cathartic achievement amongst an already impressive career, and lays out a path that will surely lead the band to some heady heights.

Miss June stop by Rough Trade on 7th October to unleash their efforts on the Bristol scene.

See the video for ‘Anomaly’ here: