Miss Kill // Photoset

10th January | Mothers Ruin

You’ve heard of The Jackson Five, but they’re so last millennium. The Jackson Two, more fearsomely known as Miss Kill are where 2019 is at. They played The Mothers Ruin as part of the Free for All Festival. Anyone who hasn’t caught onto the free shows available there throughout January ought to cross their threshhold and mosh away the ‘largely skint after Christmas and just gone back to work’ blues. Such scrimpers and work-weary disconsolates were certainly able to do this on Thursday night, when twins, Alannah and Felicity Jackson ramped up the amps and gave the Mothers Ruin crowd the kind of ferocious volume that your own mother might encourage you to turn down, were you at home.

Despite being only two humans with one instrument each, Alannah and Felicity brought a disproportionate and incredible energy from the moment they started their set of relentless thundergrunge. Alannah showed off her incredible vocal range and strength through stand-out songs like ‘Violence’ and ‘Being A Girl.’ Felicity hit the drums with such vehemence that you wondered quite what they had done to offend her. The crowd responded with unsurprising energy of their own – no violence of course, and as much movement as possible when standing elbow-to-elbow with strangers. Their cover of Nirvana’s ‘Lithium provoked not only a huge singalong from the audience, but the most carefree dancing of the night.

Skills from Miss Kill. Plenty more to come in 2019, no doubt.

Listen to ‘Being A Girl’ here: