25th September | Trinity

We couldn’t keep her forever. In 2016, Puberty 2 lifted Mitski up a few venue capacity brackets anyway, and rightly so: the whole record was stunning, but ‘Your Best American Girl’ in particular was – and remains – possibly the greatest rock single of the Twenty-first Century. It’s the kind of form that gets you picked up to join Run The Jewels in supporting Lorde on tour around the U.S., for example. With new album Be The Cowboy attracting nothing but love from critics and celebrity musicians, Mitski is no longer a cult attraction. She’s a goddamn success.

Thankfully, though, she’s still an outsider at heart. The new record ranges from coy observations about loneliness within and without love (‘Nobody’, ‘Me and My Husband’) to, uh, devastating observations about loneliness within and without love (‘Geyser’, ‘Two Slow Dancers’). If she’s playing to slightly bigger audiences now, we’re still going to look back at this gig at Trinity Centre with dewy-eyed nostalgia for her more intimate performances. But the music has lost none of its intimacy; if anything, Be The Cowboy feels like her most autobiographical record.

As we’ve watched her grow as an artist, nothing has been lost in emotional engagement. Her music still belongs to those same quiet moments, the eternal waxing and waning of anxiety and auxiliary confidence. It still belongs to you. The rest of the world just hadn’t realised how much they needed Mitski in their lives too.

See the video for ‘Nobody’ here: