15th June | Rough Trade

On their self-titled first full-length, released this year, Moaning arrived as a fully-formed and assured group, one that traversed the diminutive bridges between melancholy, anger and unbridled, reassuring hope. They sound channelled, cohesive, whole.

With ten years of experience in other esteemed DIY bands behind them, Moaning’s immediate and unyielding confidence in their approach may not come as such a surprise. The band find a way of implanting as much of their raw substance and personality into music. yet managed to make it polished, considered and embellished with more than just brash energy. While the album deliberately restrains itself in parts, played live you can imagine the group letting loose and taking their most caustic moments to the very brink, creating a foreboding atmosphere that only intensifies the mordant intimacy of their lyrics.

Heading to Bristol for the first time, they headline the dark confines of Rough Trade, joined by heady Bournemouth trio Leeches and the unyielding punch of Leeds’ Treeboy & Arc for a show that exhibits some of the more abrasive yet engaging music that’s coming currently from both sides of the Atlantic. You shouldn’t miss a second of a line-up like this.

See the video for ‘Tired’ here: