13th February | The Bierkeller

“Brendan isn’t here with us which is sad but he decided to stay home to take care of his well-being and mental health and that fucking rocks!”

New Jersey’s Modern Baseball are a man-down on their EU tour but that doesn’t stop them putting on a show that singer/guitarist Brendan Lukens would be proud of. The band have brought along label pals Thin Lips and The Superweaks who both cater to the crowd’s pop punk tastes. The Superweaks’ frontman Evan Bernard is particularly impressive, as he bellows impassioned, lyrics that manage to catch the attention of even the farthest fans loitering at the bar.

Despite the venue’s 400 person capacity, Modern Baseball have the ability to make it feel like a personal gig. Opening with ‘Wedding Singer,’ vocalist and guitarist Jake Ewald leads the ‘J’ side of latest album ‘Holy Ghost’, firing through the hits as fast as the teens at the front can sing them back at him. It was a perfect opener, with the enthusiasm of the young attendees instantly making the floor shake and the ceiling drip.

The band are personable and hilarious between songs, proving their rise to indie-fame hasn’t faltered their love of performing live. Instead of filtering out Brendan’s songs completely, the band instead enlist the help of a fan – who looks utterly blown away to be picked to sing with them – as well as band members of Thin Lips and The Superweaks. It turns into a sort of karaoke party and only Modern Baseball and their ever-devoted fan base could pull that off.

Check out ‘Wedding Singer’ below.