26th April | Louisiana

Originally from Germany, there’s a multi-disciplinary element to Mogli. She is a multitude of things: musican, artist, director of her own films. There is no time like the present to be making the most of herself, and she is definitely doing this.

When first listening to Mogli, there is an air of feeling like you are on a journey down mountain hillsides. It’s like being encapsulated into something like Jack Kerouac’s Big Sur – it gives you an unprepared journey through the wilderness where nothing makes sense.

Nothing says this better than her tune, ‘Wanderer’, perhaps her most well-known tune to date, with over one million views on YouTube. This was part of the soundtrack to her documentary, Expedition Happiness. You get a natural sense of her love of travel through this beautiful tune. It showcases her voice, which is not dissimilar to singers such as London Grammar’s Hannah Reid.

There is another side to Mogli that has yet to be fully determined. With tunes like ‘Patience’ and ‘Another Life’, there is a tangible change to her interest in wandering the world as a young woman. There’s also a warm but painfully emotional voice, unearthing a sound like a young Kate Bush, soon to be unleashed at The Louisiana.

See the video for ‘Another Life’ here: