3rd February | Colston Hall

When a band is fast-approaching a catalogue of studio albums that breaks into double figures, it is normally safe to say that their best, or most vital work has been laid to rest somewhere in the rosy cemetery of memory and nostalgia. It is hardly something to get riled about though; to ask of such an accomplished and respected group that they keep providing timely, exciting and genre-bending releases is, quite simply, unfair.

Mogwai, however, are one of those rarest of groups that can consistently put out material that keeps fans and critics appetites satiated well into their third decade. Mogwai’s recent luminous and multi-faceted collaborative soundtrack projects have taken them down a different musical route. With 2017’s Every Country’s Sun, however, Mogwai have found the sort of bristling static energy that ran as the undercurrent for their earlier releases; and people are excited.

Mirroring this is the band’s tour schedule, which has already seen them blaze through Europe and North America with gigs showcasing a lot of material from the new album, a sure sign of musicians confident in the knowledge that they can still produce the goods. Their audience seems pretty confident too, what with their show at Colston Hall this Saturday being an early sell-out.

If you feel like you would enjoy seeing this band, which, lets face it, you would – they are the absolute cream of the crop when it comes to live post-rock / art rock / math rock / ANYTHING rock – then it is always worth checking with the venue over these next couple of days for any resales; and if you are lucky enough to grab one then I’ll see you there. Well, I probably won’t, it’s a big venue, but at least we know we’ll be enjoying ourselves.

See the video for ‘Party in the Dark’ here: