21st July | Fleece

Moon Hooch started out as three friends busking around New York City when they were students at The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music. Typically comprised of two saxophonists and a percussionist, word quickly spread, even before the heyday of selfies and social media, of their impromptu subway platform dance parties.

These mass-transit-based sets became so popular that legend, and a police report, says that the band was ultimately barred from performing in the Brooklyn L train stop on Bedford Ave due to overcrowding the platform with commuters who wanted to experience what Moon Hooch’s signature jazz, rock and EDM smorgasbord had to offer.

Moon Hooch take the musical theory of jazz and infuse it into electronic and dance music with a punk ethos, to produce a genre that they describe as ‘cave music’. The relentless energy of their sets reaches deep down into our primal urges to dance.

Moon Hooch perform like every note, dance move and breath might be their last. If you’ve never come across them before, this is the band to take a chance on and, for a great primer, go on an internet deep dive for the clips of their long lost subway sessions.

Listen to ‘Rise’ here: