Getting your debut album right is absolutely crucial in the cut-throat world that is the current music scene. So hats off to Mothers, a super-talented young band hailing from Athens, Georgia, who totally nailed it on last year’s When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired.

That album specialised in the juxtaposition of pastoral, sweeping, almost folksy arrangements interspersed with complex driving sections of melodic guitars. A strange brew that worked perfectly to create a debut of unnatural grace from such a fledgling band.

One could argue that the key to that record was the achingly gorgeous vocals from Kristine Leschper, who possess that rare thing; a voice that can project pure feeling, free from any affectations. As such it will be a real treat to see how Mothers intend to present the songs from that record in the intimate space that is The Louisiana.

According to their recent interview with BLM, they have been working on and improving their live show over the past months of intensive touring. Heres hoping they can do justice to the unexpected gem that was their recorded debut.

Mothers play The Louisiana on 29th August. Watch their video for ‘Too Small For Eyes’ below.