Mutemath, The Exchange. 27.01.16.

I first came across this magnificent band nearly a decade ago, when watching one of the rock music channels on TV – remember when people used to do that? At this point I had a pretty narrow focus. I cared about metal and nothing else. A live video came on, by someone called Mutemath. After two seconds of the soft keys intro, I very nearly changed the channel. However, something about the bass line made me hesitate. Four and a half minutes of utterly stunning showmanship later, my life was changed.

Suddenly, I was utterly in love with some sort of weird, experimental, pop-funk band. I rushed out to buy the album, along with the live DVD containing the performance I’d just witnessed. I had to see these loons from New Orleans myself. To my dismay, I soon discovered that as far as the UK went, about six people in total gave a shit about Mutemath. The band became one of my biggest influences, though I had given up on ever seeing them in concert.

Three further albums of brilliance later, imagine my reaction when this tour was announced. Then imagine my reaction when I saw that the tour included a date at Exchange. Oh, my. Maybe a few people on this side of the pond do care, after all. Word has it that this one is sold out now, but you might be able to find a ticket somewhere if you’re fortunate. I can’t recommend this band highly enough.

Check out ‘Monument’ right here: