With the recent release of their fifth album, ‘Curve of the Earth’, Mystery Jets took to the intimate stage of a crowded Rise on Monday afternoon.

Starting with an introduction to the new album with ‘Telomere’ they showcased their typical stoic sound, similar to the haunting feeling from ‘Radlands’, quietening the crowd’s chatter with ease. They continued their quiet but uplifting atmosphere with ‘Bubblegum’, creating much more power even from their humble acoustic set-up.

From this followed a short speech from Blaine, thanking their supporters and influences over the years. The performance wasn’t about them but about their committed audience who took time out of their Monday afternoon; especially Big Jeffery, everyone’s most loyal fan, whom they dedicated a song to.

Of course, a thanking of their audience wouldn’t have been complete without some classic renditions and a united sing-song. They played the noticeably more playful ‘Young Love’ before stripping it right back to a beautiful rendition of ‘Someone Purer’.

Although this was a launch of their new album, the event wasn’t all about them. They ended poignantly with a commemoration to David Bowie, covering ‘Five Years’, saying it sounded as though the Starman was with us.

This was Mystery Jets how they’re supposed to be heard; informally and simply.

Check out ‘Telomere’ right here: