5th April | Rough Trade

An inspiring artist of many talents, Nabihah Iqbal (fka Throwing Shade) released her debut album Weighing of The Heart at the end of last year on the inimitable Ninja Tune label. A record of brooding, ethereal beauty, Weighing of the Heart sees Iqbal employ more live instrumentation to her sound than on previous releases. Intertwining layers of hushed, soothing vocals with glistening melodies and pulsating basslines, she enunciates a sense of quotidian existentialism with an entrancing wistfulness throughout the tracks.

Alongside her own creations, Iqbal has hosted a fortnightly NTS show since 2013 that offers a unique, ethnomusicological journey through rich, diverse sound palettes from all over the world. Much of these influences manifest in and inspire the textural sonic variety that Iqbal weaves throughout her music. Having recently opened for SOPHIE’s debut UK live show, at which Iqbal delivered an utterly spellbinding set, and having firmly established herself as a musician and DJ of incredible prowess, this show is an optimum opportunity to catch her dreamy, synth-pop persuasions live at Rough Trade.

See the video to ‘Zone 1 to 6000’ here: