Nasty Little Lonely – ‘Son Of The Flies’ | EP Review


Industrial-from-industrial, punk-from-punk, Bristol’s gothic, bass-led three-piece Nasty Little Lonely are hard to pin down.

The command with which frontwoman Charlie B dangles between sweet and sinister is something to behold, invoking for me the likes of Queen Adreena or Jack Off Jill. Eerie and purring, there’s a surefire element of siren song here.

Though powerful in tone and theme, it’s perhaps a flare for rhythm that shines through most on this debut EP. Opener ‘Son Of The Flies’ crams more grooves into one track than some do in a whole album, yet with a visceral confidence they sew it all together like a proud Frankenstein.

Armed with a sound that’s truly unique, Nasty Little Lonely assure their place in the underground with an uncompromising statement of intent.

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