New Bristol-based promotion Damnatio Memoriæ have announced plans for their first shows in the city, welcoming some big names in the world of darkwave, post punk and noise to Bristol for the first time.

Their first show is set for The Lanes on February 24th, and will bring industrial Massachusetts duo Boy Harsher to the venue alongside Canadian EBM master Kontravoid. Having also announced the release of their new LP Careful for February 1st through Nude Club, Jae Matthews and Augustus Muller of Boy Harsher will use minimal electronics to deliver an equally brooding and euphoric set.

Damnatio Memoriæ, meaning “condemnation of memory” are focused on the idea of “everything we do will always be dissolved forever due to time’s titanic flow“.

Tickets are available through headfirst. Listen to ‘Face The Fire’ below.