New Year/New Noise | Live Preview

New Year/New Noise
Howling Owl Records

12th & 13th January | The Brunswick Club

For five years, under their New Year/New Noise event, Howling Owl Records have exhibited some of the most intriguing and engaging music from across the world – right in the underground heart of the city, of which they have been changing the landscape since 2011. Whether it be industrial, mind-melting techno, effervescent and ethereal alternative pop, or their own brand of punishing, dystopian noise, their penchant for undefinable music has evolved into a brazen aesthetic that is now an untypical influence within the city. Having announced that this year’s edition of the event will be the last, the line-up suitably encompasses their direction and the desire to consistently evolve, displaying the unsuspecting jewels that can be afforded to you if you are willing to delve.

New Year/New Noise
New Year/New Noise Line-Up

Having headlined the very first festival back in 2014, Giant Swan return to headline the last. But don’t hang on to a hint of sentimental nostalgia as the duo deliver their cascading, cacophonous noise. Alongside them are EBU, whose set at the Bristol Takeover at Colston Hall was a highlight-stealing affair; their evocative and expressive performance needs to be seen as they headline the Friday night. Moor Mother bring their intense, anxious hip-hop to the fore, while Nervous Conditions are perhaps the most exciting proposition of the lot, an unwavering and expansive eight-piece that venture through vigorous streams of consciousness, as unbridled sax and viola inform the very foundation of their driven sound.

With this and much more to be seen, New Year/New Noise is set, once again, to show there is so much more out there than you think.

Watch Howling Owl’s short documentary about Giant Swan here: