7th September | Exchange

Did somebody say rematch?

In the red corner, we have support from Flat Rufus, Swallow Cave and Jamie Cruickshank. In the blue corner, we have, ready to tear the house down with material from their debut album, Big Jupe – Nicholson Heal. As you’ll probably be aware, the first bout was sadly cut short due to a technical knockout, a power cut which affected Exchange and its local area, meaning that Nicholson Heal had to retire without even throwing a single hook out there.

With a fresh set of support acts and a month-long wait in anticipation, there’s no doubt that this show will be a spicy once. The wait has also meant an extra month of learning the lyrics to all the songs on the album. It may have been out a while now, but this is as much of a celebration as its original launch would have been.

Part II of the album launch will be at Exchange on September 7th; there’s free entry for all. Fingers crossed it will be as dramatic as last time, but for vastly different reasons. Let battle commence. Ding Ding.

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Listen to ‘Sullen Comfort’ here: