Following the power outage that knocked out the whole of Old Market on Saturday evening, Nicholson Heal and Breakfast Records have announced plans to reschedule their album release show.

With the power at The Exchange and the whole of the street in Old Market cutting out for most of the night, Nicholson Heal were unable to perform that evening, as were their main supportĀ Katie Pham & The Moonbathers. Breakfast Records have now released a statement with their intentions for a rescheduled show.

Returning to The Exchange on the 7th September, Nicholson Heal will celebrate the release of their record Big Jupe, with Breakfast stating “An album as enthralling as Big Jupe deserves one helluva party, so we will be back at the Exchange to give this incredible record the release it deserves.”

Tickets will be per donation entry, and all ticket owners of the first show are welcome to enter for free.

For further information regarding Saturday’s show, you can read Amy Grace’s review here.