25th February | Colston Hall

Off the back of All Melody, his first major release since 2015’s Solo, Nils Frahm comes to the Colston Hall this week to make Sunday the day of restless. There always something going on in a Nils Frahm composition, and that something is frequently not what you expected to happen in the first place. No sooner are you seemingly stepping into a zone of more contemporary classical music during one of his compositions, than you find yourself treading in that cross-section of the Venn diagram where an ambient dance beat and the members of Underworld seem to be hiding (clutching an array of curious found sounds). Channel it all through a variety of digital effects and you’re away.

You can expect to see him with his array of kit, often as many keyboards as he has fingers, including some classic analogue equipment. You are as likely to see him hammering piano strings as twiddling effects board knobs – always busy, the industrious beating heart of his evocative music. For a one-man operation, on a massive stage, it’ll be conspicuous how he can fill that space amply, both literally and charismatically. If you love exploration and travel and have neither the time nor the cash, Frahm’s tunes will no doubt have that magically transformative power to take you to imaginary places (possibly even a world where Monday morning, at least for a while, doesn’t seem to exist).

Listen to the title track of his 2018 album, ‘All Melody’ here: