17th October | The Louisiana

Nilüfer Yanya appears quietly nervous this evening. Soft sorries are given amid preparation for the next wonderful song in her set, an earnestness beaming not only from her music but from her personally, proof of the amount of her personality she leaves within the gritted, jazzy pop that she writes. Apologies are not needed, Yanya’s set is an enthusiastic and emphatic performance to an audience who all know that this is the most intimate venue they will get to see Nilüfer perform in from this point onwards.

Nilüfer takes the intimate aspects of her songwriting and channels them into a loose and resonating set, full of granular turns of phrase and bopping rhythms. ‘Golden Cage’ has blossomed, Nilüfer soulful and commanding as the group demonstrate the enthusiasm they have together, full voiced and exhibiting a connection between each other that bands are sometimes scared to show. ‘Baby Luv’ is subtle and bruising, a mournful direction that adds range, yet closer ‘Keep On Calling’ is the highlight, keeping its foreboding frankness, developing a deep and lingering force. With such a confident, vibrant set up her sleeve, Nilüfer is set for the stars, not that that would change a thing.

Watch the video for latest single ‘Baby Luv’ below.