Queens Square Declared Drink-Free Zone for Harbour Fest

Organisers of Harbour Festival have confirmed that, for the second year running, you will not be able to bring your own alcohol into Queen Square.

Yes that’s right, you’ll have to take your big bag of cans elsewhere.

Prior to last year’s Harbour Festival, Queen Square had live music and allowed anyone to pass through. Last year however, in response to many complaints about amount of public drinking at the day festival, Bristol mayor Marvin Rees and the council decided to instigate bag searches at the entrances to the square.

However, alcohol will still be served in the square, but only from licensed vendors, say organisers.

How effective these changes will be in curbing the number anti-social drunks around the city centre is yet to be seen, but the space is aimed to try and create a more family-friendly atmosphere.

Basically, don’t drink too much, stay safe and enjoy the festival, whilst being able to remember it after.

Watch some of the action from last year’s festival below, and keep an eye out for our guide to the weekend on Friday.