24th July | Exchange

The day was that hazy summer afternoon, perhaps it was last day of classes before break, when you were starring in that High School, coming-of-age comedy, circa 1999, and the classroom door opened and your crush walked through the door, and the rest of the world faded away, leaving only the dream pop of No Vacation echoing in your head.

Wait, what? No Vacation started and stopped in 2015, but reformed in 2017 while the members were at the University of San Francisco. There’s no way that their twangy guitars and bedroom pop was soundtracking my personal version of Can’t Hardly Wait.

Maybe that’s not temporally possible, but No Vacation’s records have that nostalgic feel that transports deep into the recesses of your mind and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside your brain.

In a similar vein to bands like Snail Mail and SALES, No Vacation’s lyrics juxtapose the innocence of youth and an understanding of the human condition that makes them wise beyond their years.

Take a minute to listen to their debut, Amo XO, and think about how it’s one of the lo-fi records that you wish you could have written with your friends in your freshmen dorm.

See the video for ‘Yam Yam’ here: