Noise Annoys – October | Live Review


Another great show to add to the repertoire of alternative Noise Annoys nights.

October saw Noise Annoys return to Bristol’s Thunderbolt, delivering your monthly booster of alternative, noisy goodness. This month featured The Happy Crayons, Yespleaseyep, Grubs and Annette Berlin: a great mix of bands that demonstrate perfectly what is to be expected at any Noise Annoys night.

Some familiar faces filled out the walls in front of the stage as The Happy Crayons kicked off their set. The two-piece smash through their catalogue of abrasive & scratchy two-minute songs with unrelenting vocal shouts and screams. Crowd interactions went as far as calling out a couple of song names before thrashing out the intro riff, which only added to the atmosphere they were expressing. They definitely kept the pace with a great set.

Swirling screeches of guitar noise filled the room as Yespleaseyep took to the stage. Melodic and bright lead lines competed with the all out wall-of-sound brought forward by the breakdowns. As each song developed and evolved, the two guitarists passed the attention back and forth, captivating to watch and well performed for a relatively new band.

Grubs are up next: bright, bouncy guitar melodies joined by both male and female vocals and great live harmonies (imagine a slightly stripped down Yuck). Having survived two power cuts, they carried on into their last song. Their strong presence saw all eyes fixed on the stage as the set came to an end.

The guitar and drums two-piece, Annette Berlin brought the night to a close by being the loudest band of the night by far, and then asking to be louder. Keith Hall’s amazing drum work got the whole room moving along to the jagged rhythms, while Annette’s crunchy guitar and howling vocals pulled away, taking you with them around every twist and turn. With their album ‘Playground’ sitting on the table by the door, the set drew heavily from the songs on said album to a treat in the way of a brand new song.

With the end of the last guitar screech we saw the end of another great show to add to the repertoire of Noise Annoys nights. Noise Annoys returns to the Thunderbolt in November with Flowerpot, FIRES and Hysterical Injury. Guaranteed to be a great night, it’s not to be missed.

Get ready for next months event with a bit of Fires right here: