Anyone who tries to argue that the music industry is all about playing it safe and that there just isn’t any spirit of adventure nowadays can just be met with the words ‘Noods’ and ‘Radio’, preferably organised sequentially in one phrase. It takes brave souls to launch new projects into a weary world, but that is just what Noods Radio did four years ago.

They celebrate their fourth birthday on 7th December at The Black Swan, with Redlight Radio boss man, Orpheu The Wizard and their own Bosslady, Tilly. Bag yourself a ticket here.

As anyone with a four-year-old will tell you, a hell of a lot of developmental change happens in those first 48 months. Four-year-olds are not only remarkably savvy and capable, but they are also hugely adept at making their presence felt. That’s where Noods are at right now.

In the last twelve months, Noods have moved studio again, started broadcasting on DAB, built a team of thirty volunteers and even gained, they proudly boast, an office with a window. And as their fifth year in existence rolls in, they hope to move into a permanent studio space on Stokes Croft. We wish them all the best with their big plans

Check out a few of their past mixtapes here:
EP/64 (LIVE)
Smith & Mighty + Anina
Aleksa Alaska + Chlorys

There’s a new mixtape to enjoy. The sounds of Cairo’s streets have brought together by Zuli & Rama. And before the year’s out they’ll be dropping a compilation tape with originals from 100% Noods residents. Stay tuned to Noods on Bandcamp, on the radio and on Facebook.

Listen to the new mixtape by Zuli & Rama here: