Start The Bus | 11th September

NOTHING are tired tonight. It’s frontman Domenic Palermo’s birthday, and the band stayed up until god-knows what time in the morning stealing booze from behind a bar in the French hostel they were staying at between gigs.

Tonight’s show is the first UK show on their extensive run in support of second album ‘Tired of Tomorrow’, and the third of about thirty five overall. The band’s set comes after an extremely impressive opening from Cardiff’s Chain of Flowers. Just returning from their first American tour, the five-piece are at the peak of their confidence, with vocalist Joshua Smith thrashing around in the front rows of the crowd, soundtracked by his band’s impeccably tight, forceful post-punk.

When NOTHING follow, their set is far more dreamy than Chain of Flowers’ itchy, unforgiving rollocking. MountainsĀ of reverb from shoegaze-inspired guitars give the band a ‘wall of sound’ element to their live show – it’s a deeply immersive experience, and bar a few technical difficulties, a broken string and some resultant awkward stage banter, the set is one complete piece, as is the case with ‘Tired of Tomorrow’.

‘ACD (Abscessive Compulsive Disorder)’ sees waves of vocals and fluid guitars crashing over each other, and with drums faded into the background, NOTHING become far more of a shoegaze band than hard-hitting rockers in the live environment, and it completely suits them.

Thirty three more UK and European dates await NOTHING on this run, but Bristol saw them early, at their effective, brilliant and devastating best.

Watch the video for ‘Vertigo Flowers’ below.