Nouvelle Vague | Photoset

12th June | St George’s

You’d generally raise an eyebrow at the notion of us covering a covers band. When one makes covers that make you so covetous (of the gumption, boldness and talent to come up with a concept likeĀ Nouvelle Vague) you’d quickly concede that the songs are so firmly reappropriated that the words may be familiar, but that’s where the recycling ends.

Not only does Nouvelle Vague recognise the atmospheric French 1960s cinema movement, as well as the 1970s/80s New Wave musical style (from which many of their songs are recreated), but bossa nova is Portuguese for ‘new wave.’ That is also a conspicuous beat in their lounge sound. Never has chillout music sounded more excitingly tense than in the hands of Nouvelle Vague. Jessica Bartolini was at St George’s to capture their recent show.